I Did My Makeup Horribly To See How My FANS Would React *Prank*

HI SISTERS! Today I decided to pull a prank on my fans and do my makeup as HORRIBLY as I possibly could to see if any Sisters would notice and be honest with me! This was sooo much fun to do, I hope you guys enjoy!!

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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  1. Francisco De la Cruz

    Francisco De la Cruz

    Prije dan

    me saludas en español🥺



    Prije 2 dana

    Holis Charles desde México Saludos 🇲🇽💜🙂

  3. Sarah's Musical Selections

    Sarah's Musical Selections

    Prije 3 dana

    A person who likes James Charles and Billie Eilish and combined the two? Bro can we be friends?

  4. Comment it up ✨

    Comment it up ✨

    Prije 6 dana


  5. Brett Barlet

    Brett Barlet

    Prije 15 dana

    You did this on my b day which is Jan 29 2009

  6. Queen LC

    Queen LC

    Prije 17 dana

    That's literally impossible for me yet it his worst-

  7. Maria Ramos

    Maria Ramos

    Prije 17 dana

    I miss u james, hope u well🥺

  8. 🖖🏻🆔Ms.Toast🆔🖖🏻


    Prije 17 dana

    It’s like he just placed a bush of hair on his head…it looks unattached to his head

  9. Bobachar4 turtoriol! Idk

    Bobachar4 turtoriol! Idk

    Prije 18 dana

    I hate u james.

  10. Liliana Ramirez

    Liliana Ramirez

    Prije 19 dana

    My name is ava to!! I am not lieing but I actually really love it!!!

  11. Neha Allanku

    Neha Allanku

    Prije 20 dana

    Most people are just a little scared to be rude to a celeb James :)

  12. Laura Gyuris

    Laura Gyuris

    Prije 20 dana

    Hi James You look like amezyng every day

  13. Hitesh Joshi

    Hitesh Joshi

    Prije 21 dan

    Well I do my makeup every time horrible

  14. Charli Forte

    Charli Forte

    Prije 23 dana

    OK it’s not just me I can barely get my makeup to look like that like uhhhhh

  15. Ruby


    Prije 27 dana

    ooooooommmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggg hahahahahahahash

  16. zunaira mehmood

    zunaira mehmood

    Prije 28 dana

    He literally sound JUST like Mickey Mouse here 5:56



    Prije 28 dana




      Prije 28 dana


  18. Choi Ng

    Choi Ng

    Prije mjesec

    8:51 She looks like Piper

  19. - Boba - Tea

    - Boba - Tea

    Prije mjesec

    Its not the worst but its not the best 😔

  20. Kayslen Payne

    Kayslen Payne

    Prije mjesec

    oh my gosh I got ur number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Yashna Jaunky

    Yashna Jaunky

    Prije mjesec

    Hi can you another omegle video please

  22. Audrey’s Corner

    Audrey’s Corner

    Prije mjesec

    I love how his crew is so... truthful.. LOL

  23. Jorge O. Gonzalez

    Jorge O. Gonzalez

    Prije mjesec

    Uuuuuummmm your makup look’s good not bad

  24. ShAaN 148

    ShAaN 148

    Prije mjesec

    the reactions tho!

  25. Kelisious Gaming EEE shorts

    Kelisious Gaming EEE shorts

    Prije mjesec

    New name for this: James Charles roasting himself for 13 mins

  26. Gummy Gal-Roblox

    Gummy Gal-Roblox

    Prije mjesec

    James is to good at makeup to do bad makeup!

  27. Brittany Todd

    Brittany Todd

    Prije mjesec

    And ps I love u u r so good u can't even do your make up bad ps y look like beetle juice and edward s scissor hands had a baby

  28. Aiden Medina

    Aiden Medina

    Prije mjesec


  29. Aiden Medina

    Aiden Medina

    Prije mjesec

    Do you watch your videos every day

  30. Aiden Medina

    Aiden Medina

    Prije mjesec


  31. Madhuboni Dey

    Madhuboni Dey

    Prije mjesec

    I love all your videos

  32. Salma Mustapha

    Salma Mustapha

    Prije mjesec

    Too be honest I love the make up but I don't like the lipstick with it but the res is amazing

  33. Rachael Barrett

    Rachael Barrett

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I love you Videos

  34. Styrofoam Pumpkin

    Styrofoam Pumpkin

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Wait, he has *FANS?*

    • no


      Prije mjesec


    • Phenomemal Happiness

      Phenomemal Happiness

      Prije mjesec


  35. Ally Brady

    Ally Brady

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    James I’m like so proud of you that you did make up. I like your make up

  36. Zolik Łocko

    Zolik Łocko

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Eat shit, millions of flies can't be wrong.

  37. Josué Quintana

    Josué Quintana

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Has otro video ablando español

  38. grace


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    personally i think it looks better than the first vid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Badanamu Frumushey \/ [] *****##%{}’

    Badanamu Frumushey \/ [] *****##%{}’

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    8:11 OMG terrified

  40. heather thérèse

    heather thérèse

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    weeeeellllll everything that spanish guy😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  41. heather thérèse

    heather thérèse

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    what do you think i could do better ? Welllll like everything😭😭

  42. Lizzy Lancaster

    Lizzy Lancaster

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    i say shore now

    • 『∘𝕎∘𝕠∘𝕝∘𝕗∘』


      Prije 2 mjeseci

      @Lizzy Lancaster oh ok

    • Lizzy Lancaster

      Lizzy Lancaster

      Prije 2 mjeseci

      @『∘𝕎∘𝕠∘𝕝∘𝕗∘』 it's 'sure' but said as "shore"

    • 『∘𝕎∘𝕠∘𝕝∘𝕗∘』


      Prije 2 mjeseci

      What’s shore?

  43. Nina Manikiza

    Nina Manikiza

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    James is so nice to those fans omg

  44. _Roblox_


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    When he sais hi he sounds like Mikey mouse 🐁 lol 😆 XD

  45. _Roblox_


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Oh no but how do you always look good?

  46. Carol Hare

    Carol Hare

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    What on earth. Is that. Thumbnail That makeup on the thumbnail is 🤢 Even tho dat was the goal

  47. Ninja Gunnarsdóttir - Flyingeskolan 5

    Ninja Gunnarsdóttir - Flyingeskolan 5

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I don’t think it looks bad you look like a butterfly 🥰

  48. Pete Kowalski

    Pete Kowalski

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    James plzz do a part 2 plzz🥺🥺

  49. Liz YT

    Liz YT

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    The “that’s nasty” had me DEAD 😂🤣

  50. armygrande


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I want to see james charles do ariana grande's makeup👻

  51. Andrea Hernandez

    Andrea Hernandez

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    can u do easter make up on easter

  52. Sufia Montoya

    Sufia Montoya

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    He looks sooo bad 👎 that is so bad

  53. Katelyn Random

    Katelyn Random

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Sorry to say.... is not good

  54. YeiWang


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    10:27 He's soo cute i can't- 😭

  55. Kitty Lover

    Kitty Lover

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I think ur makeup looks really good even when u at least try to make it look bad

  56. Kaeya Bhide

    Kaeya Bhide

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I love how he kept on looking to the side when laughing 🤚🏼❤️❤️

  57. вö̤b̤̈ä̤ χ M̤̈ï̤lĸ

    вö̤b̤̈ä̤ χ M̤̈ï̤lĸ

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    James-THIS IS GIVING ME beetle juice VIBES Me-......me.........TOO

  58. My doggo barks

    My doggo barks

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    If i didnt read the title and saw james like that, i would think it was like, my friend’s little brother does my makeup

  59. Tiffany lim

    Tiffany lim

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    It looks like a real make up look like a joker look

  60. Holly Easton-Lankester

    Holly Easton-Lankester

    Prije 3 mjeseci


  61. Zellayna Ortiz

    Zellayna Ortiz

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    does not look good take it off

  62. Ghoul Liz

    Ghoul Liz

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Why is it that when he skips them it plays the face time hang up sound

  63. Ron Tressel

    Ron Tressel

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    It looks ok but it is bad

  64. Violet Vasquez

    Violet Vasquez

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Do a bille Eilish makeup james

  65. kim sunshin

    kim sunshin

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    You look like a girl with make up UwU

  66. Gaming with nature

    Gaming with nature

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    guyssss did you notice 8.61 looks like Piper rocklle

  67. Isla Radoski

    Isla Radoski

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    James: what do you think about this look? Guy: I absolutely love it James: what’s you favorite part about it Guy: well actually, it’s really bad you can do better James and his friends: hahahahahahaha Anyway love your videos James

  68. Duck's Animations

    Duck's Animations

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Me: waiting for lukeAFK to pop up and start trolling

  69. John Selfridge

    John Selfridge

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    what app does he use

  70. rikkaaa !

    rikkaaa !

    Prije 3 mjeseci


  71. rikkaaa !

    rikkaaa !

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    4:40 This Was To Cute

  72. Amanda Barich

    Amanda Barich

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    It actual looks good

  73. rei botello

    rei botello

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    when you do the eye concealer thing

  74. animes.cartoons


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I like this people 9:01 they're honest

  75. Joshua Omorode

    Joshua Omorode

    Prije 3 mjeseci




    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Hi sisters UwU

  77. Eduardo Nicolas

    Eduardo Nicolas

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    so cute

  78. La chiky Baby

    La chiky Baby

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Giving me a Halloween vibe

  79. Saga Girl

    Saga Girl

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I hate the eye makeup sooo much 😣😣😣😫 well....Great job tho 😜 👁👄👁👌🔪

  80. Fidget Club02

    Fidget Club02

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    James:What do you think would make it better? Them:Ummm take it off! Hyfhyfhtfhyfghfg I CANT😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  81. killuas wife

    killuas wife

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    That's legit my everyday makeup :(

  82. Ragini


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Hey, Love your vids keep up the good work P.S small youtuber her, just uploaded a video

  83. Keona Hiles

    Keona Hiles

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Say beetle juice 3 times 🤣

  84. lina linamariam

    lina linamariam

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I love it because of the lipstick I don’t mind it

  85. lina linamariam

    lina linamariam

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Hi sister

  86. Nana Kwadwo Atobrah Ofori-Aning

    Nana Kwadwo Atobrah Ofori-Aning

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    James please contact Billie and do her makeup

  87. Dua Shah

    Dua Shah

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    uhhh why does he look like a vampire???

  88. Macie Moo

    Macie Moo

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I wanna see James Charles do a billy I lash make up look

  89. HeyGirly10 Roblox

    HeyGirly10 Roblox

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Do not press read more I warned you Almost there Jk lol While we wait how are you Idc lol Dude you shouldn’t have done that Almost done! No going back btw Told y’all ....... Your close FINALLY YOUR DONE😑🥳 now get of of my comment

  90. Darcie Games

    Darcie Games

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    When James' makeup is better than yours. 🤔

  91. Alpha Kewup

    Alpha Kewup

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I hate you james

  92. Lisa Swenson

    Lisa Swenson

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I love everyone's reaction😂 omg you look horrible James but we all know you're beautiful underneath😂 God I can't stop laughing😂

  93. IT'S ME KIKO


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    James bad makeup is really very good than me lol...🤣🤣🤣

  94. Foz 123

    Foz 123

    Prije 3 mjeseci


  95. Foz 123

    Foz 123

    Prije 3 mjeseci


  96. كوينا ايلاف Fsugs

    كوينا ايلاف Fsugs

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    No no you duteuiyoitqpigzo 😬💨

  97. كوينا ايلاف Fsugs

    كوينا ايلاف Fsugs

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    awqhdk. ❤️

  98. Daisy Doodles

    Daisy Doodles

    Prije 3 mjeseci


  99. G&F Playz

    G&F Playz

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Lol that looks like me when I try too do my makeup

  100. Liliána KitTy

    Liliána KitTy

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I can't.......I laugh so much😂😂😂✋